ASCA Resources, 1

The ASCA Statement Of Philosophy

Read at beginning of every ASCA-RDU MeetinG


Volunteer Reader One
We are here today to face our past and reclaim our lives as survivors of childhood abuse. We know, intuitively or objectively, that we were physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as children. We believe that our abuse has affected who we are as adults today. We are determined to remake our lives by taking back what was once taken from us – our innocence, our power, our right to determine who we are and how we will live in the world.

Volunteer Reader Two
We hold our abusers responsible for the abuse, whomever they may be, for we as children wanted only their love. We hold that only we are responsible for our lives as adults. We accept that recovery involves discussing the memories of our abuse. We believe that there is power in remembering despite the pain that it will bring. We accept that we cannot do this alone. We need the help of others to transform the shame into self-compassion, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance.

Volunteer Reader Three
We believe that everyone has their own unique story to tell. We pledge to listen to every member’s efforts to remember, grieve, and heal. We will offer respect, support, and hope to help challenge the self-judgments, self-criticism, and self- blaming that holds us hostage to our past. We hold in confidence what we hear of others’ most vulnerable secrets. We will allow everyone to take the lead in deciding what the past means for them.

Volunteer Reader Four
We are prepared to commit our hearts, our minds, and our spirit to change our lives. We understand that we, as children, were victims. We believe that today, as adults, we are survivors. We trust that tomorrow with recovery, we will live as thrivers. We pledge today to stand together united in our best efforts to heal from the past. We make this pledge to ourselves in the company of our peers on this day forward.