About Us


 A SUPPORT GROUP FOR ADULTS ABUSED AS CHILDREN (including physical, emotional and sexual abuse and/or neglect)



Were you emotionally berated and/or physically beaten for “punishment” as a child? Were you bullied by a sibling? Sexually abused? You have likely left your abusive childhood home (or the proximity of predators), but it may not have left you. You may be carrying around traumatic memories and deep wounds that have yet to heal. ASCA peer support groups can help with this healing process. . 

Our ASCA-RDU meetings follow the evidence-based ASCA℠ 21 Step program designed by Dr. J. Patrick Gannon. Our warm and welcoming meetings are led by fellow child abuse servivors who are veteran ASCA members. As a support group, we offer each other the respect, understanding, and positive encouragement that was often lacking in our past. The goal of ASCA is to help us move beyond suffering or mere survival to become THRIVERS, with healthy family relationships and rich, rewarding lives. To learn more about the program, visit the national ASCA Support website.

 As Catherine Anne, our ASCA-Raleigh founder, has often said: “Any violent “punishment” or abuse you experienced as a child was NOT your fault. You didn’t “deserve” it. Better feelings are very possible for you. You are a PERSON. You deserved and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. YOU matter. It’s time for comfort, HEALING, warm and nurturing relationships, and a fulfilling life.” You are not alone. Please join us!  

Important Disclaimer: “Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) is a community based support group of peers. It is not a therapy group and the meeting facilitators do not serve in the capacity of professionally trained therapists. The ASCA program should not be used as a substitute for professional care and services. The Morris Center and your local ASCA group assume no responsibility for any damages, injuries or losses that occur as a result of participation in ASCA support groups. You should always consult a trained professional with any questions about your specific needs and concerns. Always know your own limitations and factor in your own good judgment and common sense. Your use of any material provided on The Morris Center web site or local ASCA web sites or participation in ASCA support groups constitute your acceptance of the terms of this disclaimer .”

The complete Survivor to Thriver Manual is available from the ASCA Support website. The Norma J. Morris Center, creator of the ASCA program, is a non-profit 501c3 organization run by volunteers.